Hang Out With Good People

The other day, I wrote about finding balance and referred to my friend and training partner Les. After reading the blog, Les responded with a situation and a life lesson from our miles on the bike.

Towards the end of one of our 100 plus mile bike rides, I was leading the ride back home. Since we usually paced about 20 miles per hour on our rides, we were both exhausted and just trying to get out of the heat and finish. Les recalled that we were less than a mile from his home and all he could think about was a cold Slurpee.

Les recounted, “I asked if you wanted to stop and I would treat for a Slurpee. You were so focused I could have been asking you if you wanted a root canal. Just when I thought I had nothing left, it felt like you picked up the pace pushing me to finish strong”. He went on to say, “life lesson for me: hang out with people who will make you better and bring out attributes you didn’t realize you had”. Great point Les!

In our group, no one was ever out to drag anyone else into negativity. If someone was having a bad day and struggling, we were always there to lift each other up. Together, we all reached heights that we would not have found on our own. On race days, of course we wanted bragging rights by being the first across the finish line, but invariably, once we crossed the finish, we would turn around and head back out to the course and cheer each other to the finish.

How many times have you looked around your network at work or church or school and realized that those around you were either dragging you down or lifting you up?

Find those who lift each other up and surround yourself with them. Be the person who can challenge your mates to bring out their best. Support them with positive feedback, honesty, and a goal of positive results. Odds are, at some point, those same people are going to be the ones you rely upon to bring about your best.

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