Refilling the Glass

In previous blogs, I have referenced my epiphany a few years back when I realized I had become a ‘glass half empty’ person.  What was happening in my life to make me unhappy? I have a great family and friends, … Continue reading

A Little Wisdom from Dad

I’ve always believed that my father was the smartest person I’ve ever known. As a nuclear/electrical engineer, Dad designed equipment for the Apollo and space shuttle programs as well as safety equipment for nuclear plants. With multiple patents for various … Continue reading

Tianna’s Race

This blog space is not just about my stories and life lessons. During the course of this blog, I have received or come across many situations in which an athlete or a sports enthusiast has brought out some wonderful life … Continue reading

Just the Smallest Little Thing

Going into each triathlon season, I love to look at a wide variety of races and plan out the summer. I choose some races because they look fun, some pose interesting travel destinations and there always ends up being that … Continue reading

Team Before Self

In the world of professional sports, virtually every athlete is a part of a team. Some share the field with the athlete, but most ‘team-mates’ reside on the sideline. I am always amazed and energized when a professional athlete sets … Continue reading

Aggravated Running

In previous blogs, I have talked about how I have found life balance through sports. In particular, as a ‘strong willed’ child, my parents encouraged me to find an outlet for excessive energy. As I have gotten older, that same … Continue reading

Start a Tradition

When I say that I graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield Minnesota, most people would either think I am making it up or not know where it is. A small college located on the only hill amidst cornfields for … Continue reading

Riding With a Stranger

One of my favorite bicycling routes starts at the East end of Donner Lake and heads west over Donner Pass in the Sierras, down to Cisco Grove and back again. It’s about 45 miles out and back, starting at about … Continue reading

Hang Out With Good People

The other day, I wrote about finding balance and referred to my friend and training partner Les. After reading the blog, Les responded with a situation and a life lesson from our miles on the bike. Towards the end of … Continue reading


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