Aggravated Running

In previous blogs, I have talked about how I have found life balance through sports. In particular, as a ‘strong willed’ child, my parents encouraged me to find an outlet for excessive energy. As I have gotten older, that same strategy has been extremely important to my well-being and sense of balance.

Two years ago, I made the decision to go back to school to obtain a master’s degree. With less than five weeks to go, I can see the finish line. Unfortunately, as most racers can attest, this is when ‘the wheels fall off’. Today marks the day of my last mid-term exam. Going into the exam, I was so nervous and so happy to have gotten this far. Energy is sapped, focus is being lost and time seems to move quicker than normal. And then my trouble hit. My on-line exam session suddenly quit mid-sentence and a very incomplete exam was submitted.

Someone knew what was needed in a time of crisis.

My wife heard my expletives from the other room.

I won’t lie. My aggravation level is high.

I attempted to contact the on-line testing company via their website; “visit our on-line chat room for 24/7 support”. Link only applies if you are taking an exam. Tried calling them but their automated attendant states; “Visit our on-line chat room for 24/7 support”. Huh? I contacted the Professor who was gracious enough to talk me off the ledge. After exhausting any avenues for rectifying the immediate situation, we must wait until tech support becomes available, presumably tomorrow.

I stepped outside the office door so I would not be tempted to damage the computer and what did I find? My running shoes. Somehow they had found their way to the one spot I needed them most. Now, instead of continuing down my road of stress and anxiety, I’m lacing up my shoes and heading out to find my inner peace.

Am I out of balance right now? Absolutely. But I know exactly what I need to do to regain it. This won’t be a ‘training run’ with splits or lap times or hill repeats. This will be an emotional workout day. It’s time for me to go work off some stress.

See you on the roads!

1 thought on “Aggravated Running

  1. Sorry about the exam!! Hope it all works out. When life gave you lemons you made lemonade – – – a topic for your blog. Hope you don’t get caught in a hail storm while you are out running. Mom

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